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Is it true that “Any publicity is good publicity?” Surprisingly, a 2010 study has demonstrated that negative reviews can actually increase sales1. Before you get too excited about intentionally ruining your reputation, it is worth noting that this is an exception to the rule. Further, there were very specific circumstances that created this anomaly. Today […]

Reputation Management for Private Schools / RTOS and Tertiary Institutes  A good reputation is vital in the education system as a school’s very existence is governed by its ability to continually attract and retain students. With over 30% of students in the state of Victoria (Australia) attending a private school, a good reputation allows your […]

Why online brand reputation management and brand monitoring are important for brand success.   Everyone is familiar with maxims about reputation. Altogether they imply that your reputation stands on a knife edge – and this even truer in today’s digital age. The massive growth of social media and dependence on online communities in forums and […]